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Create a Powerful and Passionate Vision of your life.

"Most of us live two lives: The lives we live and the lives we are capable of living."

-Steven Pressfield Author of The War of Art.


Your Passport 2 Passion allows you to create a Vision for your Life. Just like a passport issued by a government entity, you are the controlling entity for your life. You should authorize and issue a Passport 2 Passion. Go where you what to go. Do what you want to do. Be who ever you want to be. You have my permission. And, you have a Passport that allow to go anywhere with your life. I am with you all the way.

See it and you will be it.

See yourself as you desire. Our brain can not tell the difference between real and fantisy. See yourself succeeding, winning, helping, loving, traveling, making money, creating, speaking, writing, sailing, flying, growing, learning, teaching, coaching, and living a full life.

Invite your Vision Daily into your life

We always invite things into our life. We invite family and friends al to join us for events. Invite your future you into the present moment. Who is this stranger? Do you like them? Do they represent the success you seek? How did you get to be that successful? That future you? What decisions and choices do you need to make today to move you ever so slightly in that direction?

The good news:

In five years you will be five older whether you create your Vision or not.


Crafting your Vision

Your passion comes from your personal vision, and passion is the energy source that helps you push through the pain of change and the valley of dispair. Write big, bold, and courageous things. Things that give you an emotional rush. Who is to judge? The heck with them! This is my life and these are my passions!

Execute, Execute, Execute

Can you guess the three words that will make the difference between you moving in the direction of your vision, or remaining in your current life? Execute, execute, exectute is correct.


Dreams without Deeds leads to Dispair.

Take small steps. Do small things today that reinforce that vision. Make the vision realization a daily event. Read about the vision. Meditate about the vision. Make a growth chart of all the little deeds that must be done.

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