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What's in the Well

Comes Up in the Bucket

The first of three 'in the Well' series' was released in the summer of  2011, Chuck offers many insights into his life, as well as the life of  reader. The stories and impact of the book have a deep meaning to those  reading. What's in our well of knowledge and understanding  will always come up in our bucket by the way we act and react to many of life's circumstances.  A must read for those seeking personal insights and presented in a light hearted yet impactful manner.


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True Stories told by the people that have lived it, about the Special Challenges some people face while living and loving a loved one with a Developmental Disability.


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I am that…that is in the Well

The second installment of the ' in the Well' series. Released in the Spring of 2013, the author delves deeper into our personal make up and addresses the power of our constant self-talk and the effects and control it has on our life.  The significant suggestions made on how to use this power for creative,  positive, and lasting change in your life are not only thoughtful, but simple to implement.



Bumper Stickers


A Stress Free Heart

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