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Charles Locy, also known as Chuck, has been researching the material for his books for years. As Chuck says, "…the book represents Forty Years of wondering in the wilderness."


Chuck currently lives in Cincinnati, and is quick to point out that there are two towns that claim to be his childhood home:  Mentor and North Kingsville, both in Ohio.  Mentor claims he is from North Kingsville, and North Kingsville claims he is from Mentor.


This humble humor reflects much of his writings. While the message is important, the delivery is unassuming.  As cartoonist for New Yorker Magazine, Michael Shaw points out, " forces me to pay attention. Before you know it, zing! There is a truth wrapped in the merriment of the banter."


Chuck has always been known as a 'storyteller'.  Whether entertaining the Boy Scouts at the campfire which earned him scout of the year honors, or the football team, after the game, which earned him the title of most offensive player.   As Chuck says, "It's not a 'rags to riches story' but I have had times when I was so broke I couldn't pay attention!"  And paying attention to our intentions is the key to success in relationships, business, money management, and happiness.


Joe Faessler, business and personal growth coach advises Chuck's book should be a primer for any business or personal growth training. "His story is personal, but it deals with Integrity, Accountability, and Transformation to a more successful person, in all aspects of life."


Chuck's professional career began in Columbus Ohio.  He and his wife, Lisa, graduated from The Ohio State University.  After a short teaching career in Columbus, they moved to Cincinnati.


While in Cincinnati, Chuck developed a financial services firm. He continues to teach and has become a prominent spokesman and advocate for families with Special Needs.

This later evolved into services for all families with a physical/financial crisis.  As he states, 'whether it is Autism or Alzheimer's, Down Syndrome or Dementia, Cerebral Palsy or Parkinson's, these conditions are not the fault of the person, and special financial rules need to be followed.'


Chuck currently travels the region and country speaking about his experiences, families in need, personal growth and the pursuit of passions that all people must develop.


Other Books : "I am That…That is in the Well". Books pending: "Echoes from the Well", and "Special Challenges, Inspired Families"