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You are not alone.

Many people have visited our site in the hopes of finding their Passion.

Passport 2 Passion was designed to let people know

it is OK to pursue your passions.

Fear is what holds us back.

Our community is dedicated to letting people know they are not alone. Give up things. Give up your Doubts.

First things first:

1. Identify your Passion. Your Desires. Your Dreams.  Dream Big.  Dreaming Big will get you enthused.  It will get your blood flowing. It will stimulate your creativity. It will create more love in your life.

2. Promise yourself that you will TAKE ACTION today!  Something, anything that is consistant with your dreams.  And whatever that is: WRITE IT DOWN.  By doing this, as Depak Chopra would say, will make the unknown, known. And we do not fear the known. Remember, we never need to be told to do the things we Love.

3. Forgive yourself for ever thinking you were not good enough.  It is never to late to get started.  Where ever you are, thank God you are there, and move forward from this point NOW.

4. Repeat these three steps daily.